Notice of Meeting

Environment & Economy Scrutiny Committee Wednesday 1 November 2006 at 10.00 am at County Hall, Oxford


Chairman – Councillor G.A. Reynolds Deputy Chairman – Colin Lamont


Norman Bolster

Tony Crabbe

Sushila Dhall


Patrick Greene

Terry Joslin

David Nimmo-Smith


Anne Purse

Roz Smith



What does this Committee review or scrutinise?

  • Transport; highways; traffic and parking; road safety; public passenger transport
  • Regional planning and local development framework; economic development; waste management; environmental management; archaeology; access to the countryside; tourism
  • Conduct of best value reviews as specified in Paragraph 9 of Schedule 2 to the Functions Regulations
  • The planning, highways, rights of way and commons/village greens functions of the Planning & Regulation Committee

How can I have my say?

We welcome the views of the community on any issues in relation to the responsibilities of this Committee. Members of the public may ask to speak for up to 5 minutes on any item on the agenda or may suggest matters which they would like the Committee to look at.

For more information about this Committee please contact:

Chairman - Councillor G.A. Reynolds

Committee Officer - Matt Bayliss, Tel: (01865) 815384

For Scrutiny Review Officers contact - Chris Spurgeon, Tel: (01865) 815029

Derek Bishop
Head of Democratic Services


About the County Council

The Oxfordshire County Council is made up of 74 councillors who are democratically elected every four years. The Council provides a range of services to Oxfordshire’s 630,000 residents. These include:

  • schools
  • social & health care
  • libraries and museums
  • the fire service
  • roads
  • trading standards
  • land use
  • transport planning
  • waste management
  • Each year the Council manages Ł0.8 billion of public money in providing these services. Most decisions are taken by a Cabinet of 10 Councillors, which makes decisions about service priorities and spending. Some decisions will now be delegated to individual members of the Cabinet.

    About Scrutiny

    Scrutiny is about:

    • Providing a challenge to the Cabinet
    • Examining how well the Cabinet and the Authority are performing
    • Influencing the Cabinet on decisions that affect local people
    • Helping the Cabinet to develop Council policies
    • Representing the community in Council decision making
    • Promoting joined up working across the authority’s work

    Scrutiny is NOT about:

    • Making day to day service decisions
    • Investigating individual complaints.

    Five Scrutiny committees ‘scrutinise’ or review and challenge decisions made by the Cabinet or the appropriate Cabinet Member and help it develop Council policies. There are Scrutiny Committees for:

    • Corporate Governance
    • Children’s Services
    • Environment & Economy
    • Community Safety
    • Social & Community Services

    There is also a Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee which brings together councillors from the County and the five district councils in Oxfordshire to scrutinise health issues.

    What does this Committee do?

    The Committee meets up to 6 times a year or more. It develops a work programme, which lists the issues it plans to investigate. These investigations can include whole committee investigations undertaken during the meeting, or reviews by a panel of members doing research and talking to lots of people outside of the meeting. Once an investigation is completed the Committee provides its advice to the Cabinet, the full Council or other scrutiny committees. Meetings are open to the public and all reports are available to the public unless exempt or confidential, when the items would be considered in closed session.


    1. Apologies for Absence and Temporary Appointments

    2. Declarations of Interest - see guidance note
    3. Minutes
    4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2006 (EN3(a)) and 6 October 2006 (EN3(b)) and to note for information any matters arising on them.

    5. Speaking to or petitioning the Committee

    6. Examination In Public: South East Plan
    7. 10:10

      Background Information:

      The Matters and Participants for the Examination in Public process have been finalised. Oxfordshire County Council is participating directly in the sub-matter 2B Greenbelt and Strategic Gaps session and the Minerals Session (7B) as well as all the Central Oxfordshire (8E) and Rest of Oxfordshire (9C) sessions. OCC is actively involved as a member of the South East County Leaders (SECL) group in working with other county planners in the South East to represent the common issues that they are facing. A copy of the full document listing the final matters and participants has been placed in the Members’ Resource Centre.

      The plenary sessions start on 28 November 2006 in Woking and concludes in Chichester on 17 January 2006. Sub regional sessions then follow immediately in Chichester, and Maidstone before starting in Reading on Central Oxfordshire issue on 26 and 27 February and on the Rest of Oxfordshire on 1 March.

      A summary of some of the arguments that Government will be making is set out in the attached response from GOSE to the draft plan (EN5(a)).

      (EN5(a) - Part A - download as .pdf file)

      (EN5(a) - Part B - download as .pdf file)

      A note from Stuart Hylton in Berkshire that summarises a presentation of their views and explains why their views are important is also attached at (EN5(b)).

      Why has it been included?

      To enable the Committee to comment on the forthcoming examination in public.

      When are they going to do it?

      During this meeting.


      Who is going to take part in this piece of work?

      Mr Dave Waller, Strategic Policy & Economic Development (SPED) Unit Manager, will attend to give a brief presentation on the submissions made by the 30 October deadline and to answer any questions which the Committee may wish to ask.

      Work to be done prior to the meeting:

      Information is available on the web site for the EIP at <> Its document section provides a useful (and expanding) reference library of all the relevant policies at national, regional and local levels as well as a host of reports studying various aspects of the plan such as the link between the economy, housing and population growth.

      Documents Members should bring to the meeting:


    8. Local Authority Carbon Management Programme

    9. 10:50

      Background Information:

      In May 2006 Oxfordshire County Council was successful in securing a partnership with the Carbon Trust, a Government funded organisation, to participate in the Local Authority Carbon Management (LACM) Programme. The LACM Programme is a systematic and strategic 10 month process through which we measure our ‘carbon footprint’, identify carbon reduction opportunities and develop a plan for action from April 2007 to reduce our footprint and avoid increases in associated costs from energy use and waste disposal. The LACM Programme sits at the centre of the Future First Action Plan 2006-07.

      Why has it been included?

      This item has been included on the Agenda to allow Members the opportunity to give a view on the Local Authority Carbon Management Programme.

      How is the Committee going to deal with it?

      The Head of Sustainable Development and Deputy Project Sponsor, Mr Chris Cousins, will present an overview of progress to date including a look at our carbon footprint for 2005/06 and the potential carbon and cost savings under a carbon management scenario up to 2011/12.

      The Committee will have the opportunity to ask questions and consider how they would like to contribute to the programme in the coming months.

      When are they going to do it?

      At this Meeting and future meetings.

      Who is going to take part in this piece of work?

      All Members of this Committee.

      The Cab
      inet Member for Sustainable Development, Mr Chris Cousins, Head of Sustainable Development and Deputy Project Sponsor, Ms Nita Robertson, Environment Manager

      Work to be done prior to the meeting:


      Documents Members should bring to the meeting:


    10. Developer Contributions Scrutiny Review

    11. 11:30

      Background Information:

      At their meeting on 17 May 2006, this Committee agreed as part of their Work Programme to undertake a Scrutiny Review of `Developer Contributions and Section 106 Agreements’ and appointed Councillors Patrick Greene, Norman Bolster, Anne Purse and Terry Joslin to the Lead Member Review Group.

      How is the Committee going to deal with it?

      To inform the Committee of current progress on this review and to enable members to ask questions on areas of interest.

      When are they going to do it?

      At this meeting and at future meetings.

      Who is going to take part in this piece of work?

      All Members of this Committee.

      Work to be done prior to the meeting:


      Documents Members should bring to the meeting:


    12. Tracking Scrutiny Items


    Report back on advice by this Committee to the Cabinet or Council.

      • Waste Management in Oxford
      • Oxfordshire Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy

    RESOLVED: subject to the comments of the Environment & Economy Scrutiny Committee, to approve the Oxfordshire Joint Municipal Waste Strategy and authorise the Director for Environment & Economy following consultation with the Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development to approve any minor amendments which might arise as a result of the consideration of this strategy by the other partners of the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership.

      • Procurement Of Waste Treatment Facilities

    RESOLVED: on the basis of the outline business case to:

      1. endorse the need to procure waste treatment facilities to help meet Oxfordshire’s targets under European and Government legislation for reducing the amount of biodegradable waste that is landfilled;
      2. agree the advertisement of an Official Journal of the European Union notice to formally begin the procurement process as soon as the relevant documentation can be prepared;
      3. authorise the Director for Environment & Economy, following consultation with the Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development to take into account comments of the Environment & Economy Scrutiny Committee in preparing for procurement; and
      4. authorise the Director for Environment & Economy to approve the necessary procurement documentation following consultation with the Cabinet member for Sustainable Development.

      • Transport Capital Programme


      1. to note progress on the Transport Capital Programme;
      2. to confirm that the Didcot, Cow Lane Subway scheme remained a positive aspiration of the Council subject to the necessary funding being available;
      3. to agree that a report on a mid-year review of the Transport Capital Programme was no longer necessary.

      • Steventon Reservoir

    RESOLVED: to:

    (a) agree paragraphs 9 to 15 of the report as the County Council’s response to Thames Water’s consultation, subject to authorising the Leader of the Council to make any changes that may be appropriate following consideration by the County Council at its meeting on 7 November 2006; and

    (b) to confirm its support for the actions outlined in paragraphs 16 to 19 of the report.

      • Call-in – Oxford Controlled Parking and Residents’ Parking Zones

    The Environment & Economy Scrutiny Committee considered the Call-In of the Cabinet decision on the Oxford Controlled Parking and Residents’ Parking Zones recommendations at its meeting on 6 October 2006.

    The Committee AGREED (on a motion by Councillor Lamont, seconded by Councillor Greene and carried by 5 votes to 3) to accept the Cabinet’s decision, subject to asking the Cabinet to providing full and comprehensive publicity on all the aspects of the parking scheme, with particular emphasis on the discretionary availability of extra visitor permits provided by way of a ‘Carer Permit’ for those with a proven medical need.

    1. Forward Plan


    The Committee is asked to suggest items from the current Forward Plan on which it may wish to have an opportunity to offer advice to the Cabinet before any decision is taken.

    (Please bring along to the meeting the latest copy of the Forward Plan which, at the time of writing covers November 2006 to February 2007).

    (Members are asked to contact the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and/or the Committee Officer at least 3 days before the meeting should they wish to raise an item on the Forward Plan for possible consideration).

    If you have any special requirements (such as a large print version of these papers or special access facilities) please contact the officer named on the front page, but please give as much notice as possible before the meeting

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