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Keep Dean Pit Open!

We the undersigned petition the council to Reverse the decision to close the Dean Pit recycling centre.

The proposal to close Dean Pit and to re-locate recycling to Kidlington will mean a round trip of at least 40 minutes for anyone living in Charlbury, Finstock or Chipping Norton.

Started by: Liz Leffman

On reaching 9 signatures An officer will investigate the matter further

This ePetition ran from 09/05/2011 to 18/07/2011 and has now finished.

129 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

This petition has been passed to the Director for Environment & Economy for consideration together with a paper petition on the same subject which was submitted to Cabinet on 19 July. Together the number of signatures obtained was approximately 2,000.

A full response can be found in the library under petition Responses:

Response Summary
It is important to emphasise the changing nature of the need for household waste recycling centres. A much improved kerbside collection system has been introduced by West Oxfordshire District Council. This has been very successful and has changed the demands on the Dean Pit site. Site usage in terms of visitor numbers and tonnage has reduced substantially.

That success gives encouragement to our ambition to increase further the use of the kerbside collection system that has been put in place. This will have the added benefit of reducing the need for residents to travel to dispose of their recyclable material. Success in this regard will reduce still further the need for Dean Pit. Our experience across the County suggests that easy access to free of charge residual waste facilities do not encourage people to make full use of alternative ways of disposing of their rubbish.