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Oxford: Proposed Controlled Parking Zone, Magdalen Road, Howard Street and Neighbouring Roads

03/06/2019 - Oxford - Magdalen Road and Howard Street Area - Proposed Controlled Parking Zone



Exemption from Call-in

Under Standing Orders (Section 6.2, paragraph 19 (a) to (c) the Chairman of the Council has agreed that the decision on the proposed Controlled Parking Zone - which involves the need to make a Traffic Regulation Order which would normally be subject to call-in - should be exempted as any delay could prejudice the Council’s or public’s interest. This is because the administrative work required to implement the proposal for the planned date of commencement of the scheme in mid-July 2019 following approval of the scheme would otherwise be appreciably delayed due to the very limited capacity of the residential permits team to carry out this work, including due to planned changes to their ICT systems in the summer, and noting that the postponement of this meeting from 23 May to 31 May as a result of the European elections on the former date was not foreseen in programming this work.