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Household Waste Recycling Centre Strategy

10:20 am


The report (OWP11) provides a further update on planned changes to Household Waste Recycling Centre provision. The consultation document is also attached.


Representatives of the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership are RECOMMENDED to provide feedback on the revised HWRC strategy and are encouraged to formally respond to the consultation. 



The Partnership considered a report (OWP11) which provided a further update on planned changes to Household Waste Recycling Centre provision. The Consultation document was also before the members for information. Members were asked for feedback on the revised Strategy and were encouraged to formally respond to the Consultation.


District Council members expressed their pleasure that the County Council had amended the proposed Strategy and put forward a number of comments which included the following:


  • Concerns about the isolated nature of some villages, some not enjoying good bus routes to the Centres which were to remain open;
  • There could be a traffic problem within the vicinity of the Redbridge Centre at weekends;
  • The issuing of passes for Oxfordshire residents could result in increased incidents of fly tipping, which would incur additional costs to districts. This outcome had been borne out in Reading and Berkshire. Could there be some negotiated access for people living on the boundaries;
  • The public tend to ‘switch off’ when faced with making a response electronically via the internet;
  • The County Council was requested to publicise as early as possible where the new facility would be sited near to Banbury;
  • The new site at Kidlington was ‘of benefit to Oxford’;
  • What arrangements will there be for the gap in service for the 9 month period that Redbridge is closed?
  • Oxford City Council would raise no objections to the County Council running a privatised operation at Redbridge, as long as the residents from the South and Vale areas could be allowed to use it on weekdays, not merely people from the Oxford City area. Would the County Council please look at this again and when a decision is made will they take steps to inform people about where they are permitted to go?
  • Concern that if Dean Pit closes later this year then there would be an upsurge of fly tipping. Should this be so, then the district authority could be requesting assistance from the County Council; and
  • Please could we have some joined up thinking, taking into account the energy/climate change agenda, of the ongoing costs to people making a 30 mile round trip to dump their waste?


The Chairman responded with the following points:


  • There are financial implications throughout for all concerned and this forms part of the consultation;
  • He reminded all that it would be a phased approach up to 2014, by which time it was hoped that all would be satisfied;
  • The County Council have already explored the possibilities of investment in Dean Pit to facilitate its refurbishment and in order to satisfy Health & Safety.
  • There will be a permit scheme put in operation for commercial operators to dispose of waste at Household Centres. Waste which has been the subject of fly tipping tends to be of a commercial nature;
  • The Strategy has to be approved before a suitable site can be found for Banbury.


Andrew Pau advised that currently there was no formal arrangement with neighbouring local authorities for access to Waste Recycling Centres for residents from outside of the county and equally there were no formal arrangements for Oxfordshire residents to use waste recycling centres outside Oxfordshire. Currently neither Oxfordshire nor our neighbouring counties has a policy to turn away residents from outside of their county.


All members were thanked for their views and were encouraged to respond to the consultation paper.

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