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Household Waste Recycling Centre Strategy

11.25 pm


To provide information on the draft Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) Strategy (OWP19).


Members of the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership are asked to provide feedback on the draft Strategy.




The Oxfordshire Waste Partnership were asked to provide feedback on the draft Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) Strategy (OWP19).


The District Council members of the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership (OWP) put forward a number of views. These included:


  • That Oxfordshire County Council had not consulted with the OWP with regard to the proposed closure of the HWRCs as part of OCC’s budget proposals;
  • Disappointment that people may have to drive long distances to access facilities following closure of the Centres, particularly those living in rural areas. There was also a possibility that there would be an increase in fly tipping as a result of this;
  • There should be more emphasis placed on education of the public, rather than prosecution;
  • It was of the utmost importance for the County Council to communicate their plans for closure to the public, to avoid the District Councils receiving the complaints;
  • Concerns about the proposed restriction of residual waste disposal to the new Kidlington site only;
  • It was hoped that the County Council would look again at reopening the Redbridge Centre to the public; and
  • The proposals would impose costs on the district councils and therefore on households.


Councillor Ian Hudspeth pointed out that closure of the Redbridge Centre would not take place until the Kidlington Centre had been completed, adding that it was very much a phased approach. He took on board the need for adequate communication with regard to the plans, also adding that fly tipping had now been made illegal and that the County Council would be working with the District Councils to ensure that bulky waste tipping facilities would be made available. He also pointed out that the proposals had formed part of the Scrutiny Committee papers which had been considered on 20 December and which were in the public domain on 13 December.


Andrew Pau stated that he respected the opinions expressed by the District Councils and placed great value on the Waste Partnership and had taken great care to raise the proposals for closure at the Officer Strategy Group (OSG). A special meeting of the OSG had taken place in December for all authorities to discuss their budget savings. Discussions at that meeting had led to the paper which was before the Partnership. He added the following points:


  • The efficiency savings which were having to be made by the County Council were very extensive;
  • The draft Household Waste Recycling Centre Strategy would be subject to wider consultation which may lead to changes to its proposed implementation;
  • It was recognised that a large amount of waste in the HWRC’s was recyclable and compostable. The County Council were keen, as District Councils had been, to actively encourage people to separate their wastes and to put materials in the right containers; and
  • Full implementation of the Strategy would not take place until 2015.


Wayne Lewis added that:


  • There were progressive elements to the new proposed Strategy, such as moving some of the rural sites nearer to the larger centres of population;
  • It had been acknowledged that there was a need to do some further work on the restriction of residual waste and also to work harder to continue the educational and promotional messages to the public; and
  • In 3 – 4 years there could be much less residual waste to be dealt with due to advancements in recycling;
  • There was also a need to do more work on the proposed cost savings to ensure that these did not inadvertently pass costs on to districts. There would be an ideal opportunity to do this, and to consult with the public, when the Joint Strategy was reviewed.


Following discussion the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership AGREED the following:


(a)               that there were merits to the proposals contained within the draft Strategy such as the new Household Waste Recycling Centre to be located at Kidlington and the possibility of more residential waste being reused or recycled; and

(b)               to request the officers to undertake more work on the financial implications of the draft Strategy and, in particular, the costs to District Councils.

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