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Petitions and Public Address

Members of the public who wish to speak at this meeting can attend the meeting in person or ‘virtually’ through an online connection. 


To facilitate ‘hybrid’ meetings we are asking that requests to speak are submitted by no later than 9am four working days before the meeting i.e., 9am on Wednesday 23 November.  Requests to speak should be sent to


If you are speaking ‘virtually’, you may submit a written statement of your presentation to ensure that if the technology fails, then your views can still be taken into account. A written copy of your statement can be provided no later than 9am 2 working days before the meeting. Written submissions should be no longer than 1 A4 sheet.


The Chair had agreed to the following 51 requests to speak and invited all speakers to address the meeting at this point so that they could speak on any of the items on the agenda.


Speakers were invited to submit one A4 page with their speech and those that have been received have been published alongside the minutes.



Sajjad Malik presented a petition against the proposed traffic filter at Hollow Way, signed by 3,100 people, mostly living the Temple Cowley area.



Zuhura Plummer, Campaign Director of Oxfordshire Liveable Streets

Patrick Davey, Chair, Walton Manor East West Roads Coalition

City Cllr Ajaz Rehman

Richard Parnham

Cllr Jerry Patterson, Kennington PC

Dr Alison Hill, Chair of Cyclox

Patrick Lyons for Ken Pelton

David Deriaz, Vice-Chairman of Oxfordshire Transport & Access Group

Emma de la Chapelle

Cllr Louise Upton

Bernadette Evans, Jericho Traders Assoc

James Salter

City Cllr Anna Railton

Zaheer Iqbal

Clinton Pugh

Danny Yee

City Cllr Emily Kerr

Cllr Charlie Hicks

Fraser Jones

Emily Scaysbrook, Oxford High Street Assoc

Jamie Hartzell, Jericho LTN group

John Skinner

Robin Tucker

Tara Beattie

Duncan Parkes

City Cllr Katherine Miles

City Cllr Mohammed Altaf-Khan

David Wyatt

Jeremy Mogford

City Cllr Linda Smith

City Cllr Mary Clarkson

Ian Green

Alison Cadle

Mick Haines

Hannah Kirby

Judith Harley

Philippa Jackson

Scott Urban

Peter West

Laura Soden

Chris Benton

Naomi Gray

Tim Warner

Margaret Brown

Graham Jones

Cllr Susanna Pressel

Cllr David Bartholomew

Cllr Dan Levy

Cllr John Howson

Cllr Liam Walker


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