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Apologies for Absence and Temporary Appointments


Declarations of Interest - Guidance note on back page of the agenda



To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 December 2020 (PSC3) and to receive information arising from them.

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Petitions and Public Address

This meeting will be held virtually in order to conform with current guidelines regarding social distancing. Normally requests to speak at this public meeting are required by 9 am on the day preceding the published date of the meeting. However, during the current situation and to facilitate these new arrangements we are asking that requests to speak are submitted by no later than 9am four working days before the meeting i.e. 9 am on Friday 8 January 2021. Requests to speak should be sent to together with a written statement of your presentation to ensure that if the technology fails then your views can still be taken into account. A written copy of your statement can be provided no later than 9 am 2 working days before the meeting.


Where a meeting is held virtually and the addressee is unable to participate virtually their written submission will be accepted.


Written submissions should be no longer than 1 A4 sheet.



Budget and Business Planning 2021/22: Capital and Investment Report



Report by the Director for Finance


Note: Section 5.1 to follow on Monday 11 January 2021


The Committee is invited to comment on the Capital & Investment Strategy and supporting strategies included in this report. The Capital & Investment Strategy forms Section 5 of the suite of budget papers that comprise the Business and Budget Planning 2021/22 report considered by Cabinet on 19 January 2021 and Council on 9 February 2021.  


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to consider and comment on:


a)               The Capital & Investment Strategy (Section 5.1), incorporating

                       i.       The Treasury Management Strategy 2021/22 (Section 5.2)

                     ii.       The Investment Strategy 2021/22 (Section 5.3)

                    iii.       The Property Strategy (Section 5.4)


b)              The Draft Capital Programme 2021/22 to 2030/31 (Section 5.5)


c)               Changes to the Capital Programme (Section 5.6)


Additional documents:


Local Transport Connectivity Plan (LTCP) & Active Travel pdf icon PDF 335 KB



Report by Corporate Director Communities


This report updates Performance Scrutiny Committee on development of the new Oxfordshire Local Transport Plan- called the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan. Specifically, it outlines the context and key points included in a proposed Vision Document (Annex 1), on which it is proposed to undertake public consultation. It also includes a summary of the engagement exercise undertaken in Spring 2020 (Annex 2), and a summary of key evidence that has been reviewed to support development of the Vision. (Annex 3)


A brief presentation also will be given outlining the proposed delivery arrangements for the Active Travel Tranche 2 programme.  The presentation will set out the approach to governance, communications and engagement, provide a high level overview of the delivery programme and include a summary of progress to date.


The Committee is RECOMMENDED


a)                    to note progress on the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan and the timetable leading to Plan adoption set out in Annex 1,


b)                   to comment on any points on the Vision Document included in Annex 1 in an addenda to be submitted along with the Cabinet report of 19th January, when they consider the Vision Document as the basis for public consultation in February 2021.


Additional documents:


Children's Safeguarding Serious Case Review pdf icon PDF 176 KB



A report from Oxfordshire Children’s Safeguarding Board.


Additional documents:


Business Management and Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 132 KB



Report by the Corporate Director for Customers and Organisational Development and Director of Finance


The report at Appendix 1 sets out Oxfordshire County Council’s (OCC’s) progress towards Corporate Plan priorities during November2020.  The report will be considered at Cabinet’s 19th Januarymeeting.


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to note the report and consider any matters for future attention by theCommittee.


Additional documents:


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 245 KB



To agree the Committee’s work programme for future meetings based on key priorities and discussion in the meeting.