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Minutes pdf icon PDF 156 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 14 December 2017 (PSC3) and to receive information arising from them.



Petitions and Public Address


Service & Resource Planning 2018/19 to 2021/22 - Capital Investment Planning pdf icon PDF 224 KB



On 14 December 2017, this Committee considered the revenue improvements, investments, pressures and savings options for 2018/19 – 2021/22.  This report sets out another important element in the Service & Resource Planning process; the proposed capital programme and portfolio allocations for 2018/19 – 2027/28.   


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to consider and comment on the proposed capital programme portfolio allocations for 2018/19 – 2027/28.


Additional documents:


Oxfordshire County Council Draft Corporate Plan 2018 - 2021 pdf icon PDF 71 KB



This plan sets out the County Council’s overarching strategy for the period 2018-2021.  It states our updated vision for thriving communities in Oxfordshire and describes the council’s main priorities and the specific actions that will be taken in the period to March 2019.


A short, public-facing document (the 'prospectus') has been produced and published which summarises the council's vision and priorities; we anticipate this document to be widely distributed and read by residents. The attached document expands on the prospectus, drawing together as much as possible of what we do, how we do it and how we are changing. We anticipate will be of interest to Councillors, staff, partners, inspectors and residents with a specific interest.


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to:


a)            note the Draft Corporate Plan and make suggestions for amendments, prior to consideration by Cabinet on 23rd January; and


b)           agree to receive further updates on the performance measures and targets once developed, and that this will form part of the regular monitoring reported to the Committee on a quarterly basis.


Additional documents:


Oxfordshire County Council Draft Equality Policy pdf icon PDF 153 KB



The Equality Act 2010 introduced the Public Sector Equality Duty, the broad purpose of which is to integrate consideration of equality and good relations into the day-to-day business of public authorities. One of our responsibilities to comply with the Duty is to publish an Equalities Policy and set of Objectives every four years. 


This paper is to introduce the proposed Equalities Policy and associated Objectives.  The Policy has been written following the completion of a self-assessment tool produced by the Local Government Association and this tool highlighted areas of excellent practice by Council services which are described in the policy document.  It also identified areas of improvement and these have been used as the basis for a set of 10 specific and measurable objectives which the Council will aim to achieve within the next four years. 


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to comment on the three key issues as detailed in the report:


a)                  the draft Equality Objectives;

b)                 the proposed new governance arrangements; and

c)                  the proposed approach for consultation with the public, partner organisations, stakeholders and voluntary sector organisations. 



Implementation of the Health Inequalities Commission Recommendations pdf icon PDF 384 KB



The Health Inequalities Commission made many recommendations for many organisations in the NHS, Local Government and Voluntary and community Sector   The executive accountability for each recommendation remains with the individual organisation and partnership. In addition, many of the recommendations can be taken forward by individual bodies, for example, in the Voluntary Sector without reference to the Health and Wellbeing Board or other partners, and this is to be applauded.


The Health Inequalities Commission set out their advice on which organisation should lead implementation for each of the 60 recommendations.  This report focuses on the recommendations where Oxfordshire County Council was proposed by the Commissioners as the lead agency in taking the work forward. 


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to note progress in taking forward the recommendations where Oxfordshire County Council was proposed by the Commissioners as the lead agency in taking the work forward.



Quarter 2 Business Management Report pdf icon PDF 534 KB



This paper provides details of performance for quarter two 2017-18 for Performance Scrutiny Committee to consider before making comments to Cabinet at the end of January. The report, and any comments made by the Committee, are required so that the Cabinet can monitor the performance of the council in key service areas and be assured that progress is being made to improve areas where performance is below the expected level.


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to:


a)            Note the performance reported, in particular items which members wish to schedule for future scrutiny, and make any comments necessary for escalation to Cabinet before 23 January;


b)           Note the ongoing work to improve business management and performance reporting.


Committee Work Programme pdf icon PDF 249 KB



Discussion of the Committee’s Work Programme for the next year.