Place Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Wednesday, 13 September 2023 10.00 am

Venue: Room 2&3 - County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND. View directions

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No. Item


Apologies for Absence and Temporary Appointments


Declaration of Interests - see guidance note on the back page


Minutes pdf icon PDF 247 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 28th June 2023 (PLOSC3) and to receive information arising from them.


The Committee is recommended to AGREE the minutes having raised any necessary amendments.


Petitions and Public Address

Members of the public who wish to speak at this meeting can attend the meeting in person or ‘virtually’ through an online connection. To facilitate ‘hybrid’ meetings we are asking that requests to speak are submitted by no later than 9.00 a.m. four working days before the meeting i.e., 9.00 a.m. on Thursday 07 September 2023. Requests to speak should be sent to   


If you are speaking ‘virtually’, you may submit a written statement of your presentation to ensure that, if the technology fails, your views can still be taken into account. A written copy of your statement can be provided no later than 9.00 a.m. two working days before the meeting. Written submissions should be no longer than one A4 sheet.


Oxfordshire HGV Strategy pdf icon PDF 245 KB

Cllr Duncan Enright, Cabinet Member for Travel & Development Strategy, and Rachel Wileman, Director of Planning, Environment, and Climate Change, John Disley, Head of Transport Policy, and Joseph Kay, Strategic Transport Lead, have been invited to present a report on area weight restrictions and the proposed approach to the management of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) issues in Oxfordshire.


The Committee is recommended to consider the report, to ask any questions, and to AGREE any recommendations it wishes to make to Cabinet arising from the report and discussion.

Additional documents:

Exempt item

In the event that any Member or Officer wishes to discuss the information set out in Annex X to Agenda Item 6, the Committee will be invited to resolve to exclude the public for the consideration of the Annex by passing a resolution in relation in the following terms:


"that the public be excluded during the consideration of the Annex since it is likely that if they were present during that discussion there would be a disclosure of "exempt" information as described in Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act, 1972 and specified below the item in the Agenda".


NOTE: The report does not contain exempt information and is available to the public.





Proposal from Oxford United to Oxfordshire County Council as Landowner pdf icon PDF 549 KB

The information in this case is exempt in that it falls within the following prescribed categories:


3. Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information)


and since it is considered that, in all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information, in that a negotiation is ongoing and would prejudice the position of the authority in the process of that negotiation and the Council’s standing generally in relation to such matters in future, to the detriment of the Council’s ability properly to discharge its fiduciary and other duties as a public authority.


Annex X containing exempt information under the above paragraph is attached.


The report on the engagement exercise regarding the proposal from Oxford United Football Club to the County Council as landowner will be considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 19 September 2023.


Cllr Liz Leffman, the Leader of the Council, and Martin Reeves, Chief Executive, have been invited to present the report and to answer the Committee’s questions.  Invitations have also been extended to Cllr Calum Miller, Cabinet Member for Finance, and Cllr Glynis Phillips, Cabinet Member for Corporate Performance, as well as to Vic Kurzeja, Director of Property Services, and Susannah Wintersgill, Director of Communications, Strategy, and Insight.


The Committee is recommended to consider the report, to ask any questions, and to AGREE any recommendations it wishes to make to Cabinet arising from the report and discussion.



Additional documents:


Draft Scrutiny Annual Report to Council

The Scrutiny Manager will submit a draft of the relevant parts Scrutiny function’s annual report to Council for consideration. The Committee is invited to ask questions and make comment on the draft and RECOMMENDED to identify any elements in need of amendment prior to sign-off by the Performance and Corporate Services Committee.


NB This item is to follow.


Action and Recommendation tracker pdf icon PDF 422 KB

The action and recommendation tracker is used to monitor the implementation of previously-agreed actions and recommendations. The Committee is recommended to NOTE it, having raised any questions on the contents.



Cabinet responses to Place OSC recommendations

Cabinet has made no formal responses to Committee recommendations since the Committee’s last meeting.


Committee work programme and Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 47 KB

The Committee is asked to consider the proposed work programme.  In deciding its work programme, the Committee is also asked to consider the relevance of any items on the Cabinet’s Forward Plan.


The Committee is recommended to AGREE its work programme.

Additional documents: