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Schedule of Business pdf icon PDF 346 KB

Additional documents:


Apologies for Absence


Declarations of Interest - see guidance note

Members are reminded that they must declare their interests orally at the meeting and specify (a) the nature of the interest and (b) which items on the agenda are the relevant items. This applies also to items where members have interests by virtue of their membership of a district council in Oxfordshire.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 359 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 13 July 2021 (CC1) and to receive information arising from them.


Additional documents:


Official Communications



To make any changes to the membership of the Cabinet, scrutiny and other committees on the nomination of political groups.


Petitions and Public Address


Questions with Notice from Members of the Public


Questions with Notice from Members of the Council pdf icon PDF 718 KB


Report of the Cabinet pdf icon PDF 279 KB

Report of the Cabinet Meeting held on 20 July 2021 (CC9).



Treasury Management 2020/21 Outturn pdf icon PDF 732 KB

Report by Director of Finance (CC10).


The report sets out the Treasury Management performance in the financial year 2020/21 in compliance with the CIPFA Code of Practice.  The report includes Debt and Investment activity, Prudential Indicator Outturn, Investment Strategy, and interest receivable and payable for the financial year.


Council is RECOMMENDED to note the Council’s Treasury Management Activity in 2020/21.



Review of Political Balance on Committees pdf icon PDF 294 KB

Report by Director for Law & Governance (CC11).


The Council is required by the Local Government & Housing Act 1989 to review the political balance on its committees on an annual basis and then in any circumstances set out in Regulations under the 1989 Act. Following the May 2021 elections and the subsequent formation of political groups on the Council, the political balance was formally reviewed at the Annual Council Meeting on the 18 May.  Since that time, Cllr Mark Cherry has been confirmed as the duly elected member for the Banbury Ruscote Division. As a result, the Monitoring Officer has formally received notification from Cllr Cherry and from the Leader of the Labour & Co-operative Party Group, that Cllr Cherry has become a member of that Group. 


Following the addition to the Labour & Co-operative Party Group, a further review of political balance now needs to occur to reflect the relative proportion of each Group with regards to seats on the Council, and given that more than a month has elapsed since the last review of political balance. This review also reflects that the Conservative-Independent Alliance Group now has one fewer member than previously.


The Council is RECOMMENDED:


(a)       to note the revised political balance on committees shown in Annex 2 to the report;

(b)       to make the consequential appointments to the Committees named in paragraph 11 and as listed in paragraph 13 and Annex 3 (to follow), to give effect to the wishes of the respective Group Leaders.


Additional documents:


Dispensation from Attending Meetings pdf icon PDF 199 KB

Report by Director of Law & Governance (CC12).

Under the Local Government Act 1972 Section 85 (1), councillors who do not attend a meeting of the Council during a six-month period will cease to be a member of the Council unless the Council has approved a dispensation before the expiry of that period.  Council is asked to grant such a dispensation to Cllr Alison Rooke who, for reason of ill-health, is unlikely to be able to attend a meeting of the Council prior to April 2022. 


Council is RECOMMENDED to:


(a)       approve a dispensation for Cllr Alison Rooke from the statutory requirement to attend a meeting of the Council within a six month period from the last noted attendance;

(b)       approve that the dispensation last up to and including 30 April 2022.





Motion by Councillor Andrew Gant

“Council notes and approves that there has been a general move away from gender-specific job titles in recent decades. This has taken different forms in different contexts, but a common thread is that where a simple alternative to a gender-specific nomenclature exists, it has been widely adopted. Such an instance is the replacement of “Chairman” with “Chair”.


Council notes and approves that the vast majority of other councils have made this change, either formally or by natural evolution and habit.


Council regrets that its own working practices haven’t kept up with this shift, making it appear old-fashioned, reactionary, exclusive, out of touch and showing a damaging lack of awareness of changes in society as a whole. Council also believes it will be easier and more efficient for officers to work to one standard in preparing meeting agendas, etc


Council therefore:


Resolves that with immediate effect the chairs of council and all committees and other bodies will be referred to in writing and verbally as “Chair”. The word “Chairman” will not be used.


Resolves to ask the Monitoring Officer to incorporate this change in the constitution at the earliest opportunity and to change the currently in-use painted board in the Council Chamber at the earliest convenient opportunity (but not to alter the other, completed boards, which are a historical record).




Motion by Councillor Donna Ford

“This Council recalls the new administration’s flagship policy document entitled ‘A Fair Deal for Oxfordshire – Shaping our priorities’ (‘the Policy Document’) that was approved by Cabinet on 20 July, having been considered at an extraordinary meeting of Performance Scrutiny on 16 July.


This Council notes that the administration has been in place for four months and notes the aim of the Policy Document as a statement of intent in respect of its prospective policies relative to those of the outgoing administration.


Accordingly, this Council resolves that the administration reports to members by the date of its next meeting with a schedule of policies under active consideration and/or implementation by the previous administration that have since been:


1.          Continued in their entirety by the new administration without amendment or qualification.

2.          Continued substantively but varied to reasonably reflect the incoming administration’s own aims and objectives.

3.          Changed substantively by the new administration, but reflecting the outgoing administration’s original aims and objectives; and

4.          Discontinued altogether.


This Council resolves to keep such schedule reasonably up-to-date during the new administration’s term of office and further requests that the administration report to members by the date of this Council’s next meeting with a clear set of key performance indicators in respect of its priorities in the Policy Document to ensure that there is reasonable ongoing scrutiny of its performance and delivery of election promises.”




Motion by Councillor Hannah Banfield

“Oxfordshire County Council condemns the use of ‘Fire and Rehire’ by any employers in the County of Oxfordshire and calls upon the Members of Parliament representing Oxfordshire’s residents (Anneliese Dodds, John Howell, Layla Moran, David Johnson, Robert Courts and Victoria Prentis) to support Barry Gardiner’s Private Member’s Bill and do all in their power to make this practice unlawful.


Oxfordshire County Council resolves not to procure any goods or services from companies that have sought to gain commercial advantage by using or threatening to use this unscrupulous practice.”



Motion by Councillor Eddie Reeves

“This Council notes that public services – locally and nationally – have been impacted immensely by the pandemic.


This Council acknowledges that the Government has spent more public money than any in the nation’s history to secure the livelihoods of hard-working people, and the futures of the public, private and voluntary sector organisations who employ them.  Without prejudice to any outcome, this Council recognises that local government reform may be considered again in due course. In Oxfordshire, members can either work together to shape that reform or have it imposed from Whitehall.


This Council notes that analyses have been commissioned from EY (2016), PwC (2017) and Grant Thornton (2016-7) by local authorities across Oxfordshire in addition to options appraisals conducted by Councils themselves.


This Council further notes that a Government White Paper on devolution is expected imminently, pursuant to which more power and control of public finances may be tied to reform.


This Council restates its aim for Oxfordshire to be a beacon of local government excellence irrespective of its political leadership and notes that members have historically worked well together in the interests of residents.


Accordingly, this Council resolves to ask the Cabinet set up a Cabinet Advisory Group to review the evidence of recent years and, without prejudice to its findings, put forward a preferred view to the Leader should local government reform be mandated by Government, or the new administration wish to secure further powers and public money from Government that are contingent on reform.”




Motion by Councillor Glynis Phillips

“Local Government has endured central government cuts of more than 50% since 2010. Oxfordshire County Council staff have been at the forefront of continuing to provide a range of services and support during the COVID pandemic. Our staff have worked to keep our communities safe, our schools open, cared for vulnerable and older people and continued to safeguard children.


A 1.75% pay increase (2.75% for those on the lowest pay point) is not enough and with inflation at 3.8% this is real terms pay cut. 


This Council asks the Leader of the Council to write to all Oxfordshire MPs requesting that they contact the Chancellor of the Exchequer to provide the necessary funding for a substantial and fairer pay offer.”



Motion by Councillor Brad Baines

“Oxfordshire County Council believes planning works best when developers and the local community work together to shape local areas and deliver necessary new homes; and therefore, calls on the Government to protect the right of communities to object to individual planning applications.

Oxfordshire County Council also calls on the Leader of the Council to write to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to ask them to uphold this vital principle.”



Motion by Councillor Kieron Mallon

"This Council notes that Banbury FM wishes to secure a licence to provide a locally run radio station dedicated to North Oxfordshire.


This Council supports the need especially in times of emergency, to provide a genuinely local news outlet dedicated to an established geographical location and conurbation.


Whilst not pre-empting who the provider may be this council supports the aspiration for a local provider to operate the local DAB multiplex and secure a truly local FM community radio licence when they become available.


This Council requests that the leader of the Council writes to Ofcom and the Secretary of State for Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport (DCMS) to convey our support for a local provider  to persuade Ofcom of the need for a community minded radio station in the Banbury and North Oxfordshire catchment area."



Motion by Councillor Jane Hanna

“Government planned reforms to integrate health and care by April 2022 are being implemented across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West (BOB) ahead of the Health and Care Bill 2021 and there are many non-elected new decision-makers and groups in place.

We believe Oxfordshire County Council must have freedom to work with partners to respond to the needs of our people, most especially as inequalities have worsened through the pandemic. County councillor democratic involvement at each local and regional level of decision-making is vital as well as ensuring local authority standards of accountability apply to new non-elected bodies.

Oxfordshire statutory committees of Health and Wellbeing and JHOSC are well established Oxfordshire committees. Their role must be core to understanding and tackling inequalities and helping build back sustainable local communities.

New decision-making powers for health and care above Oxfordshire as place must be compelling and accountable. Proposed new powers for ministers to intervene in any local change need to be removed from the Bill.

If joint health and care plans are to succeed locally government needs to deliver now on national workforce planning and on it’s failed pledges in 2017 and in 2019 to deliver a social care settlement fit for the 21st century.  

Council calls on and supports the Chair of Wellbeing Board and Chair of HOSC writing to all Oxfordshire MPs seeking their active support for this Council’s position in Parliament and to seek wider support with local partners with view to influencing improvements to reforms.”