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Minutes pdf icon PDF 388 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 August 2020 (CA3) and to receive information arising from them.




Questions from County Councillors pdf icon PDF 330 KB

Any county councillor may, by giving notice to the Proper Officer by 9 am two working days before the meeting, ask a question on any matter in respect of the Cabinet’s delegated powers.


The number of questions which may be asked by any councillor at any one meeting is limited to two (or one question with notice and a supplementary question at the meeting) and the time for questions will be limited to 30 minutes in total. As with questions at Council, any questions which remain unanswered at the end of this item will receive a written response.


Questions submitted prior to the agenda being despatched are shown below and will be the subject of a response from the appropriate Cabinet Member or such other councillor or officer as is determined by the Cabinet Member, and shall not be the subject of further debate at this meeting. Questions received after the despatch of the agenda, but before the deadline, will be shown on the Schedule of Addenda circulated at the meeting, together with any written response which is available at that time.


See attached Annex


Petitions and Public Address pdf icon PDF 186 KB

This Cabinet meeting will be held virtually in order to conform with current guidelines regarding social distancing. Normally requests to speak at this public meeting are required by 9 am on the day preceding the published date of the meeting. However, during the current situation and to facilitate these new arrangements we are asking that requests to speak are submitted by no later than 9am four working days before the meeting i.e. 9 am on Wednesday 9 September. Requests to speak should be sent to together with a written statement of your presentation to ensure that if the technology fails then your views can still be taken into account. A written copy of your statement can be provided no later than 9 am 2 working days before the meeting.


Where a meeting is held virtually and the addressee is unable to participate virtually their written submission will be accepted.


Written submissions should be no longer than 1 A4 sheet.


Item 6 – Councillor John Sanders


Item  8 John Riches, Chair of Oxfordshire Association of Special School Headteachers (OASSH)

Councillor Emma Turnbull, Shadow Cabinet member for Education (5 mins)


Item 9 - Councillor Liz Brighouse, Chairman of Performance Scrutiny Committee

Councillor Glynis Phillips, Shadow Cabinet Member Finance (5 mins)


Item 10 - Councillor Glynis Phillips



Bicester Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) pdf icon PDF 427 KB

Cabinet Member: Environment

Forward Plan Ref: 2020/068

Contact: Patrick Lingwood, Active & Healthy Travel Officer Tel: 07741 607835


Report by Director for Planning & Place (CA).


The Bicester Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) is a detailed 15-year plan which sets out how to improve cycling and walking in Bicester. The plan includes a target to significantly increase cycling in Bicester by 2035 and the evidence of how this is to be achieved. There are supplementary plans with walking and cycling schemes provisionally costed at £40 million. The LCWIP fits in with and directly supports the Bicester Transport Strategy and Local Plan proposals and the wider agenda for the town, including continued emphasis on Healthy Place Shaping. The LCWIP will be a subsidiary document of the new Local Transport and Connectivity Plan, currently being developed. As well as cycling and walking schemes, the LCWIP includes policies which will impact on Council transport policy and procedures and future scheme design and prioritisation.


Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to approve the Bicester Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), including the Bicester cycle network plans.

Additional documents:


Recommendations agreed.


Assumption of Powers in Relation to the Control and Prevention of Coronavirus - Oxfordshire County Council Responsibilities Under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restriction) (England) (NO.3) Regulations 2020 pdf icon PDF 242 KB

Cabinet Members: Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health

Forward Plan Ref: 2020/125

Contact: Sukdave Ghuman, Head of Legal Services & Deputy Monitoring Officer Tel: (01865) 323852


Report by Corporate Director of Public Health and Head of Legal Services & Deputy Monitoring Officer (CA7).


In July 2020 the government introduced new powers for local authorities to support local outbreak management.


The report recommends that Oxfordshire County Council assumes responsibilities under The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restriction) (England) (No.3) Regulations 2020 in order to ensure that any serious and imminent threat to public health in Oxfordshire is necessarily and proportionately addressed.


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to:


(a)          Assume responsibilities granted under The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restriction) (England) (No.3) Regulations 2020 giving local authorities powers relating to the control and prevention of coronavirus and;


(b)          Delegate powers to the City and District Councils in accordance with the above regulations.



SEND High Needs Funding pdf icon PDF 228 KB

Cabinet Member: Children & Cultural Services

Forward Plan Ref: 2020/098

Contact: Graham Pirt, Interim Head of SEND Tel: 07554 103332


Report by Deputy Director of Education (CA   ).


To seek agreement to the uplift in High Needs funding.


Additional documents:


Recommendationns agreed


Business Management & Monitoring Report - July 2020 pdf icon PDF 680 KB

Cabinet Member: Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Finance

Forward Plan Ref: 2020/121

Contact: Louise Tustian, Head of Insight & Corporate Programmes Tel: 07741 607452/Hannah Doney, Head of Corporate Finance Tel: 07584 174654


Report by Corporate Director Customers & Organisational Development and Director of Finance (CA10).


The report sets out Oxfordshire County Council’s (OCC’s) progress towards Corporate Plan priorities for 2020/21 for the period of July 2020.


Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to:


(a)      note the July business management and monitoring report; and

(b)     to approve the virements set out in Annex C – 2b and note the virements in Annex C- 2C.

Additional documents:


Recommendation agreed


Capital Programme Monitoring Report - June 2020 pdf icon PDF 241 KB

Cabinet Member: Finance

Forward Plan Ref: 2020/026

Contact: Hannah Doney, Head of Corporate Finance Tel: 07584 174654


Report by Director of Finance (CA9).


The report sets out the latest monitoring position for 2020/21 capital programme based on activity to the end of July 2020 and provides an update on latest ten year capital programme to 2029/30.


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to approve the updated Capital Programme at Annex 2


Additional documents:


Recommendation agreed.


Workforce Report and Staffing Data - Quarter 1 - April - June 2020 pdf icon PDF 259 KB

Cabinet Member: Deputy Leader of the Council

Forward Plan Ref: 2020/065

Contact: Sarah Currell, HR Manager – Business Systems Tel: 07867 467793


Report by Director of Human Resources (CA11).


The report provides a summary of HR activity and a snapshot of the workforce profile including headcount and fte comparison, ethnicity, age, apprenticeships, sickness, turnover and agency spend for the quarter ending 30 June 2020.  


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to note the report.

Additional documents:




Delegated Powers - September 2020

Cabinet Member: Leader

Forward Plan Ref: 2020/029

Contact: Sue Whitehead, Principal Committee Officer Tel: 07393 001213


Report by Director of Law & Governance (CA    ).


To report on a quarterly basis any executive decisions taken under the specific powers and functions delegated under the terms of Part 7.1 (Scheme of Delegation to Officers) of the Council’s Constitution – Paragraph 6.3 (c)(i).  It is not for Scrutiny call-in.




Forward Plan and Future Business pdf icon PDF 229 KB

Cabinet Member: All

Contact Officer: Sue Whitehead, Principal Committee Officer Tel: 07393 001213


The Cabinet Procedure Rules provide that the business of each meeting at the Cabinet is to include “updating of the Forward Plan and proposals for business to be conducted at the following meeting”.   Items from the Forward Plan for the immediately forthcoming meetings of the Cabinet appear in the Schedule at CA13.  This includes any updated information relating to the business for those meetings that has already been identified for inclusion in the next Forward Plan update.


The Schedule is for noting, but Cabinet Members may also wish to take this opportunity to identify any further changes they would wish to be incorporated in the next Forward Plan update.


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to note the items currently identified for forthcoming meetings.

Additional documents: