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To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 10 December 2018 (PN3) and to receive information arising from them.


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New single storey three classroom teaching block, including withdrawal room, toilets, stores, ancillary rooms together with minor modifications to hard and soft landscaping and modified parking arrangements. pdf icon PDF 127 KB

Report by the Director for Planning & place (PN6).


This is an update report following the submission of further information from the applicant in response to queries raised by Planning & Regulation Committee on 10 December 2018 when this application was deferred.

The application proposes a new single storey three classroom teaching block, including withdrawal room, toilets, stores, ancillary rooms together with minor modifications to hard and soft landscaping and modified parking arrangements. The site lies in a conservation area and there would be a loss of school playing field. Various objections have been received including on these issues but also including the impact on the local highway network of additional associated vehicle movements. The application is considered against development plan policies and other material considerations and recommended for the grant of conditional planning permission subject to the completion first of a unilateral undertaking to secure the payment of a School Travel Plan monitoring fee.

Subject to the applicant first providing a Unilateral Undertaking for the payment of the School Travel Plan monitoring fee of £1240 it is RECOMMENDED that planning permission for R3.0114/18 be approved subject to conditions to be determined by the Director of Planning and Place, to include the following:


i.          Detailed compliance;

ii.         Permission to be implemented within three years;

iii.       Provision of a School Travel Plan prior to the first occupation of the development;

iv.        Provision of additional scooter and cycle parking;

v.        Submission, approval and implementation of a Construction Management Plan;

vi.        Provision of external lighting scheme;

vii.      Provision of bird boxes.



Additional documents:


Erection of a Noise Attenuation Bund at Shipton on Cherwell - Application No MW.00017/17 pdf icon PDF 253 KB

Report by the Director for Planning & Place (PN8).


This is a planning application to regularise an existing noise attenuation bund at the existing quarry site. 


The report outlines the relevant planning policies, along with the comments and recommendations of the Director for Planning and Place.


The main issues with the application are the case for Very Special Circumstances for inappropriate development in the Green Belt, the effect on local amenity, and the effect on the local landscape.


It is RECOMMENDED that planning permission for application no. MW.0001/18 be approved subject to conditions to be determined by the Director of Planning and Place to include the following conditions:


 i.          The development shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the particulars of the development, plans and specifications contained in the application except as modified by conditions of this permission. The approved plans and particulars comprise:

·  Application form dated 6/12/2016

·  Planning Statement dated December 2016

·  Drawing no SHIPTSV1608 1 D – Site Location Plan

·  Drawing no SHIPEXT1610 2 A – Screening Bund

·  Drawing no SHIPTSV1608 3 C – Bund update survey 06.06.2016

·  Drawing no SHIPTSV1608 4 D – Noise Bund - cross sections

·  Technical Note dated 5 October 2016


ii.          Within two months of the date of the permission, a scheme of planting shall be submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority. The scheme shall be implemented during the next planting season.


iii.          The bund shall be removed by 17 June 2021. 


Additional documents:


Public Path Orders - Change in Practice Where Orders are Subject to Objection pdf icon PDF 132 KB

Report by the Strategic Director for Communities (PN8)


The Council has powers to make Public Path Orders to divert and extinguish public footpaths, bridleways and restricted byways under the provisions of the Highways Act 1980 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Applications may be made to the Council by landowners, developers, etc and a charge is made to cover the costs of processing them up to the Order-Making stage. Once an Order is made, it is within the public domain and the Council has no powers to recover its costs.  All applications must follow a rigid legislative process and the Council will determine whether to make the Order requested based on the legal tests contained in the relevant legislation.


Presently, any decision as to whether an Order is made, or the application rejected, is delegated to the Strategic Director for Communities. If an Order is made and no objections are received, the Order is confirmed and brought into effect. However, where an Order does receive an objection, the individual case is referred for consideration by this Committee to determine whether to either abandon the Order or authorise its referral to The Planning Inspectorate to determine.


The report outlines a change in this procedure so that such cases are not routinely referred to the Committee, thereby shortening the decision-making process.


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to NOTE that decisions to refer Public Path Orders to The Planning Inspectorate where objections have been made will be referred to the Committee only in those cases where: -

(a)      the Strategic Director for Communities considers a case to be significantly contentious or of sufficient importance to warrant consideration by members; and/or


(b)      concerns are raised by the local County Councillor.




Relevant Development Plan and Other policies pdf icon PDF 302 KB

Paper by the Director for Planning & Place (PN9).


The paper sets out policies in relation to Items 6 and 7 and should be regarded as an Annex to each report.


Pre-Meeting Briefing

There will be a pre-meeting briefing at County Hall on Monday  21 January 2019                at 12 midday for the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Opposition Group Spokesman.