Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Emergency Active Travel - Temporary Bus Gates ref: 848313/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
Climate Action Framework ref: 848513/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy ref: 848413/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
England's Economic Heartland draft Transport Strategy Consultation; Response from Oxfordshire County Council (EEH Consultation Period - 14 July to 3 October) ref: 848913/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
Oxfordshire Safeguarding Adult Board Annual Report - 2019-20 ref: 848713/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
Civil Parking Enforcement within Cherwell, South & Vale Districts ref: 848813/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
Business Management & Monitoring Report - August 2020 ref: 848213/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
The Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children's Board Annual Reports (including Board, Quality Assurance and Case Review Work) ref: 848613/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
Delegated Powers - October 2020 ref: 849013/10/202013/10/2020Not for call-in
Budget & Business Planning Report - 2021/22 - October 2020 ref: 848113/10/202022/10/2020Call-in expired
Forward Plan and Future Business ref: 849113/10/202013/10/2020Not for call-in
Petitions and Public Address ref: 848013/10/202013/10/2020Not for call-in
Questions from County Councillors ref: 847913/10/202013/10/2020Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 847813/10/202013/10/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 847713/10/202013/10/2020Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 847613/10/202013/10/2020Not for call-in