Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Election of Deputy Chairman ref: 873819/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Relevant Development Plan and Other Policies ref: 874719/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
The use of the land at New Barn Farm quarry for the importation, handling and re-sale of aggregates at New Barn Farm, Cholsey, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 9HA - Application No. MW.0114/20: ref: 874619/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Tarmac Asphalt and Concrete Batching Plant, Water Works Road, Hennef Way, Banbury, OX16 3JJ ref: 874519/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Widening and upgrading of existing site access onto Waterworks Road (Grimsbury Green) and highway improvement works to Waterworks Road/Grimsbury Green at Tarmac Asphalt and Concrete Batching Plant, Water Works Road, Hennef Way, Banbury, OX16 3JJ - Ap ref: 874419/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Chairman's Updates ref: 874319/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Petitions and Public Address ref: 874219/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 874119/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
NoneDeclarations of Interest - see guidance note opposite ref: 874019/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence and Temporary Appointments ref: 873919/04/202119/04/2021Not for call-in
Developing a Strategic Framework for Oxfordshire County Council Libraries and Heritage Services ref: 873420/04/202129/04/2021Call-in expired
Reprovision of Maltfield House - New Build Children's Home ref: 873520/04/202129/04/2021Call-in expired
Strategic Vision for Oxfordshire ref: 873220/04/202129/04/2021Call-in expired
Forward Plan and Future Business ref: 873720/04/202120/04/2021Not for call-in
Petitions and Public Address ref: 873020/04/202120/04/2021Not for call-in
Business Management & Monitoring Report - February 2021 ref: 873120/04/202129/04/2021Call-in expired
Highway Maintenance Contract Extension ref: 873320/04/202129/04/2021Call-in expired
Delegated Powers - April 2021 ref: 873620/04/202129/04/2021Call-in expired
Questions from County Councillors ref: 872920/04/202120/04/2021Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 872820/04/202120/04/2021Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 872720/04/202120/04/2021Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 872620/04/202120/04/2021Not for call-in