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Tuesday, 20 January 2009



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Division(s): Didcot Ladygrove,

Didcot South


                                                                                               ITEM CA10






Report by Head of Transport




1.                  The Didcot Parkway Station Interchange scheme is part of Oxfordshire County Council’s Local Transport Plan for 2006-2011, and was identified as a key deliverable from phase one of the Didcot Area Integrated Transport Strategy (“Didcot ITS”).


2.                  Outline design work commissioned by the County Council has been underway involving close working relationships with Network Rail, First Great Western and, more recently, South Oxfordshire District Council.


3.                  Initial consultation on the preferred scheme took place during development of the Didcot ITS, and liaison with end users has been continued throughout the design process, with feedback received from bus companies, taxi operators, Sustrans and Thames Valley Police. Plans have also been presented to the Didcot Community Forum.


4.                  The scheme has now completed initial rail industry approval, and with detailed technical and engineering feasibility completed, it is now possible to provide a detailed cost estimate for the scheme as it moves nearer to implementation.


5.                  The Financial Procedure Rules in the Council’s constitution require a detailed project appraisal for all capital projects exceeding £1,000,000 to be submitted to Cabinet for approval.


6.                  This report seeks approval to the detailed project appraisal for the scheme, as shown in Annex 1. (download as .doc file)


Didcot Parkway Station Interchange


7.                  The objective of the scheme is to improve the attractiveness of public transport by tackling the congestion that occurs at peak times within the existing forecourt, giving the more sustainable travel modes such as walking, cycling and bus greater prominence but improving facilities for all users.


8.                  The interchange will provide a gateway to the Southern Oxfordshire Quadrant and be capable of handling the increased demand for rail travel from Didcot and the surrounding area that will arise from housing and economic growth.

9.                  The scheme aims to improve the ambience and appearance of the station, creating a focal point that is a gateway for residents and visitors alike.


10.             The scheme arose through the Didcot ITS, and a preferred concept design was approved by the Members Steering Group in December 2005. Since then, the concept layout has been the subject of various consultation processes and has evolved into a final scheme which, subject to approval of the project appraisal, will be developed through detailed design and tender in the early part of 2009.


Financial Implications


11.             The Didcot Parkway Station Interchange scheme is estimated at £5.412m including fees. Funding has been allocated from the Capital Programme for the financial years 2008/09 to 2009/10 and comprises Supported Capital Expenditure (SCE) and developer funding. Under the Government’s ‘Partnership for Growth’ initiative, South Oxfordshire District Council was successful in gaining “New Growth Point” status for Didcot and successfully bid for funding towards this scheme, and some of this grant has been used to fund development activity during 2007/08. The District Council has also committed some of its own Capital to the scheme. A full assessment of the funding is shown in Annex 1 - Project Appraisal No H186 attached to this report.




12.             The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to approve the Project Appraisal H186 for the Didcot Parkway Station Interchange scheme.





Head of Transport

Environment & Economy


Background papers:            Nil


Contact Officers:                   Adrian Saunders, Rail Development Officer,

Tel: 01865 815080

Julian Hartless, Principal Project Manager

Tel: 01865 815097


December 2008

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