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Tuesday, 20 January 2009


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Report by Assistant Chief Executive (Strategy)




1.                  This report introduces a draft of the Council's proposed Medium Term Corporate Plan 2009/10-13/14, to be submitted to Council on 10 February 2009 as one of those plans and strategies that forms the policy framework and so requires full Council approval.(download as .doc file) By the time of the meeting the draft plan will have been considered by the Corporate Governance Scrutiny Committee on its meeting on 15 January 2009. The Committee’s advice will be reported to this meeting as part of the schedule of addenda.


Corporate Plan


2.                  The Corporate Plan sets out the Council's priorities over the medium term. It establishes the context in which the Council operates and the strategic challenges that it faces. It describes the role and structure of the Council, including its role as a community leader. It outlines the rationale for the priorities we have set across four themes and identifies the areas on which we will focus.

3.                  Each priority is supported by targets, against which we will measure progress. The plan is a draft. In particular further work is currently underway reviewing the nature of the targets for each priority to ensure that they are outcome focused, challenging and measurable.

4.                  The plan goes on to explain our strategic planning and performance management framework. A summary of the key elements of the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) is to be included and the MTFP will form an annex to the plan. A separate Annual Report will be produced in June, which will provide a review of the previous year, highlighting achievements and challenges faced and commenting on our performance.


Financial and Staff Implications


5.                  These are contained within the Medium Term Financial Plan.




6.                  The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED, subject to consideration of any advice from the Corporate Governance Scrutiny Committee and to the inclusion of consequential and editorial changes in the text as agreed by the Chief Executive in consultation with the Leader of the Council, to RECOMMEND the Council to approve the Medium Term Corporate Plan 2009/10-13/14.





Assistant Chief Executive (Strategy)


Background papers:             Nil


Contact Officer:                     Maggie Scott,  Corporate Policy Manager

Tel; (01865) 815307 


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