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Minutes pdf icon PDF 273 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 22 January 2019 (CA3) and to receive information arising from them.


Questions from County Councillors

Any county councillor may, by giving notice to the Proper Officer by 9 am two working days before the meeting, ask a question on any matter in respect of the Cabinet’s delegated powers.


The number of questions which may be asked by any councillor at any one meeting is limited to two (or one question with notice and a supplementary question at the meeting) and the time for questions will be limited to 30 minutes in total. As with questions at Council, any questions which remain unanswered at the end of this item will receive a written response.


Questions submitted prior to the agenda being despatched are shown below and will be the subject of a response from the appropriate Cabinet Member or such other councillor or officer as is determined by the Cabinet Member, and shall not be the subject of further debate at this meeting. Questions received after the despatch of the agenda, but before the deadline, will be shown on the Schedule of Addenda circulated at the meeting, together with any written response which is available at that time.


Petitions and Public Address


Performance Scrutiny Highways Deep Dive Recommendations pdf icon PDF 293 KB

Cabinet Member: Environment

Forward Plan Ref: 2018/202

Contact: Lauren Rushen, Policy Officer Tel: 07990 367851


Report by Deep Dive Lead Member (CA6).


The condition of roads has a significant impact on levels of public satisfaction with the Council and their local area. As a result, the Performance Scrutiny Committee commissioned a deep dive into the factors affecting public perception and experience of highways and the Council’s approach to improving this. From July to November a small group of councillors worked with officers to identify opportunities for improving the condition of the road network, tackling congestion, better managing the impact of street works and adapting our approach to maintenance contracts and partnership working on highways. This report has been considered by the Performance Scrutiny Committee and is now presented to Cabinet for them to consider and respond to its recommendations.


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to:


(a)          Consider the findings of the Performance Scrutiny Committee’s deep dive into highways.


(b)          Agree which of the following recommendations the Cabinet will accept:


(1)          Ensure there is councillor input into the review of the Highways Asset Management Plan, and that this includes consideration of flexibility for local prioritisation.

(2)          Ask Cabinet to ensure there is a smarter process for developing a programme of work to utilise the additional capital investment in highways and that a robust capital governance process is in place to help shape this and improve risk management.

(3)          Ensure officers consider the impact on public perception when developing a programme of work and improve opportunities for councillors to influence this based on local priorities.

(4)          Ask officers to work with SKANSKA to explore a business case for greater levels of supervision that will ensure the quality of work remains high, including a consideration of how in-house resources could be utilised differently.

(5)          Ensure that opportunities to utilise staff in flexible ways are explored further with SKANSKA, so that the maximum benefit of having staff on site can be realised.

(6)          Encourage officers to explore more innovative maintenance methods and tools.

(7)          Ask Cabinet to ensure an effective approach to publicly publishing and communicating the highways programme of work is in place.

(8)          Ask officers to develop a more robust process for informing councillors of local road improvements in their division, so that they can advise on works that need to be prioritised and support early communication with residents.

(9)          Ask officers to ensure all responses to highways enquiries / reports through Fix My Street include a named officer contact.

(10)       Ensure direct points of contact are communicated and established for key stakeholders (e.g. town and parish councils) to ensure that local highway priorities can be followed up and dealt with more efficiently.

(11)       Support the Council’s ambition to become a Permitting Authority and request a report on the expected impact of this in mid-2019.

(12)       Support the development of a comprehensive out of hours traffic management provision to ensure effective management of the impact of major incidents and network failures  ...  view the full agenda text for item 6.

Additional documents:


Staffing Report - Quarter 3 - 2018 pdf icon PDF 163 KB

Cabinet Member: Deputy Leader of the Council

Forward Plan Ref: 2018/152

Contact: Sarah Currell, HR Manager – Business Systems Tel: 07867 467793


Report by Director of Human Resources (CA7).


The report gives an update on staffing numbers and related activity during the period 1 October 2017 to 31 December 2017.  It gives details of the actual staffing numbers at 31 December 2017 in terms of Full Time Equivalents.  These are shown by directorate in Appendix 1. In addition, the report provides information on the cost of posts being covered by agency staff and an Agency Trend analysis in Appendix 2. 


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to note the report



Additional documents:


Forward Plan and Future Business pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Cabinet Member: All

Contact Officer: Sue Whitehead, Committee Services Manager Tel: 07393 001213


The Cabinet Procedure Rules provide that the business of each meeting at the Cabinet is to include “updating of the Forward Plan and proposals for business to be conducted at the following meeting”.   Items from the Forward Plan for the immediately forthcoming meetings of the Cabinet appear in the Schedule at CA8.  This includes any updated information relating to the business for those meetings that has already been identified for inclusion in the next Forward Plan update.


The Schedule is for noting, but Cabinet Members may also wish to take this opportunity to identify any further changes they would wish to be incorporated in the next Forward Plan update.


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to note the items currently identified for forthcoming meetings.


Exempt Item

In the event that any Member or Officer wishes to discuss the information set out in Annex B to Agenda Item 10, the Cabinet will be invited to resolve to exclude the public for the consideration of that Annex by passing a resolution in relation to that item in the following terms:


"that the public be excluded during the consideration of the Annex since it is likely that if they were present during that discussion there would be a disclosure of "exempt" information as described in Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act, 1972 and specified below the item in the Agenda".


NOTE: The report does not contain exempt information and is available to the public. The exempt information is contained in the confidential annex.









Tank Farm, Chipping Norton - Development Site pdf icon PDF 186 KB

Cabinet Member: Transformation

Forward Plan Ref: 2019/001

Contact: Andrew Fairweather, Asset & Investment Team Manager Tel: 07825 790242/Karen Lister, Head of Estates & Strategy Tel: 07875 441940


Report by Director for Capital Investment & Delivery (CA10).


The information contained in the annex is exempt in that it falls within the following prescribed category:


3.         Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information);


and since it is considered that, in all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information, in that disclosure would undermine the process to the detriment of the Council’s ability properly to discharge its fiduciary and other duties as a public authority.


Approval was given on 21 December 2018 by The Leader of the Council with the agreement of the Director of Finance, to authorise the Strategic Director of Communities to negotiate, up to a specified maximum value, the purchase of Pearman’s land, being 13.32 ha (32.91 acres) adjoining the Council's land at Tank Farm, in order to ensure the County Council's control, influence and deliverability of the programmed capital receipt for Tank Farm.


The negotiations are now complete and this report details the provisionally agree terms of acquisition.


The Cabinet is RECOMMENDED to


(a)    authorise the Strategic Director of Communities in consultation with the Portfolio member to complete the purchase, for the value specified in Annex B, of Pearman’s land, being 12.51 ha (30.91 acres) adjoining Tank Farm.


(b)    authorise the Director of Law & Governance in conjunction with the Director of Capital Investment & Delivery and Director of Finance to undertake appropriate due diligence and prepare the necessary legal agreement on the terms referred to in Annex B.


Additional documents: